If you would like more information about scheduling an appointment with Katie, please fill out the form under the CONTACT tab and send Katie a message.  You can also contact Katie by calling 501-762-3396. 

individual therapy

family therapy

I help families cope with a variety of concerns, but the overall goal is to help the family work more effectively together.  Most commonly I work to identify and soothe relational injuries between parent and child, work to help divorced families deal with emotional injuries and lifestyle changes, as well as help families go through various changes through the life cycle.  Together we will work to improve the overall functioning of your family unit.   

couples therapy

Counseling is available for many reasons.  Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control and can't seem to find the relief you need?  Maybe life has handed you a problem that you've tried to solve on your own but the problem still persists?  Perhaps you have experienced a traumatic event recently or in the past and need help dealing with the emotional and psychological effects.  One thing for sure is that life is hard and there is no shame in asking for help.  Let me help you sort through whatever is weighing on you!  You don't have to do this alone. 


How to begin therapy

Relationships are a part of being human.  From the minute we come into this world, we are involved in relationships.  Long term relationships are quite the journey and truly have peaks and valleys.  If you and your spouse or partner are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, need help deepening your bond or reconnecting, I am here to join you in your journey.  I view relationships as a developmental process and want to help you identify where things are broken down or hung up and teach you new ways of communicating to release tension, effectively problem solve, develop boundaries on conflict, and overall deepen the bond that already exists.  I work to strengthen the individuals within the couple and the couple system.  Relationships are complex and at times complicated.  I hope that I can help your relationship prosper, deepen, and grow.